Many businesses, both large and small, use VoIP systems to handle their incoming calls.  Because it is cost-effective to move long-distance and international calls to the internet, many have chosen to make the change to VoIP.  The advantages of using a VoIP system also include improving customer service.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to the automation of many common tasks.  Some companies like Microsoft and Amazon have completely automated their online support systems.  AI has also led to better managing performance in the call center through call recording, which records the interaction with a caller and can be helpful in resolving disputes.

What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX is an IP-based telephone solution that is accessed via the internet.  One of the main advantages for businesses of all sizes is that it can improve customer interaction and foster new business.  Many businesses use it because it provides secure and reliable phone service.  It also utilizes the cloud to store important data, as opposed to storing it on a hard drive.  Cloud PBX has a variety of features, including call recording, which helps companies in the following ways:

1. Analytics

Call recording data can be used by management to measure call center agent performance and provide them with training in areas where improvement is needed.  Recordings can also measure wait times and customer satisfaction.

By aligning your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) with your call center software, the focus becomes on quality assurance.  Call recordings give managers the opportunity to analyze performance, especially during the important first-time calls.  Most Cloud PBX solutions include KPI and analytic tools, while cloud-based solutions are add-ons.

2. Performance Improvement

As with any employee, call center agents need training and support from their managers.  The analysis can determine which agents need additional guidance and mentoring to improve the customer experience.    It also allows the tracking of wait times and call drops to streamline workflow.  If it feeds into a predictive system, call recording data will optimize IVR as well.

The ability to track this daily results in more accurate assessments of performance, and the changes that need to be made to operating procedures and staff interaction with customers.  As a result, increased efficiency from the performance improvement process will lower the call abandonment rate and increase customer loyalty.

3. Remote Access

Since many call centers have a devolved environment with agents working remotely or in several different geographic locations, a cloud-based option allows access to all call recordings.  It enables remote agents and managers to review the recordings so that changes and improvements can be made remotely.  Recordings in a standard format can be downloaded, copied, or exported to training platforms.  Calls even be listened to on a mobile device.

4. Secure Access

Some industries, such as healthcare and legal, demand confidentiality.  Medical information requires software that is HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant.  Records will have controlled access, which most Cloud PBX systems can provide.  Encryption for these types of calls will also be necessary to protect data as it is transmitted between the client and the Cloud PBX.  Since many call centers have a devolved environment with agents working remotely or several different geographic locations, a cloud-based option allows access to all call recordings.

5. Data Retention

Certain industries require that call records are held for a period of time, in some cases for years.  This varies depending on the industry.  Many Cloud PBX systems retain the data to ensure requirements are covered.  Should an issue or dispute arise, the call recording data can be used to support a case.

6. Agent Performance

Call center managers regularly review their agents’ performance to see how it affects the call center KPI.  But searching through call logs by extension is time-consuming.  The ability to search by agent ID enables managers to find an agent’s call quickly and easily, saving them time.

Call recording provides training insight, compliance, and protection.  A call center’s software should assist in improving call center performance and the customer experience.

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