NewTech Communications Inc.

NewTech Communications Inc

Remembering A Friend In the Industry

Background on NewTech Communications Inc.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and innovation, companies often become more than just entities; they become pillars of inspiration, innovation, and community. But nothing is permanent. Businesses have a finite lifespan. As we reflect on the closure of a friend of ours, NewTech Communications, Inc., (1985-2024), a once-prominent force in small business and enterprise cabling, VOIP, SIP, IT, and business telephone industries, we discover that there is meaningful inspiration to be found in their legacy.

Greeting Updates – October Newsletter

‘Tis the season for greetings. Greeting Updates, that is!

I know, the holidays seem to come earlier each year.  I love the holidays but normally, I’d be the last guy to talk about how many shopping days there are before Christmas.  In this case, though, we’re actually talking about how you communicate with your customers – a case near and dear to my heart – so I’m making an exception.